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29 April 2011 @ 11:38 am
Morning all!
So the day finally came that the press has been waiting for and that everyone has been talking about, the royal wedding. Congrats Kate and William. (: Her dress is absolutely stunning! 

Anyway. I've continued to do nothing. >_____> For the past two days or so I've been spending most of my time at an Art Freebie thread on Gaia, if you're on Gaia, go check it out, the artists are all wonderful~ Fantasea! 
Anyway, so yeah. That's pretty much the extent of what I've been doing. I've met some wonderful people there though. Thanks to them I've started working on my OCs, and one lovely fella has said he'll draw our OCs together if I finish her off ^^ So if that's not motivation to do something I don't know what is. Been squiggling with my tablet. Nothing special. Drew a chibi of my first ever OC, she's called Yumii believe it or not. xD 

Yay for stupid chibis! xD

I have so much homework to do this weekend because I've done nothing so far. Pretty bummed out about that. :/ but what has to be done has to be done. Oh I'm just sooo behind. There's so much I need to do before my summer despite being excited about it. Oh well. Well I'm off to work on my OC some more. I'll maybe post her profile when I finish~ 
Bye bye! xo Kizzie
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27 April 2011 @ 01:34 pm
Guess who disappeared never to be seen again? Good guess. 
SORRY. I know you missed me really (I love talking to non-existent followers. I feel loved. </3) 
I had so much to talk about the days after my last entry too! I just kept putting it off and off and off and look where that got me. Me and procrastination have a love hate relationship. ANYWAY I've been busy *cough*lazy*cough* and it's hard to tell what has been going on... I'll start by retracing my steps. 

Currently on my easter break, which technically is my study leave, but revision is yet to happen... (queue the music filled with doom) got off school last Wednesday. Went up town with a friend after school and had a wonderful picnic, it was a lovely day in all. Friday I had to go back into school for a Chemistry revision session. Most useless thing ever. Did I say it's been roasting outside since then? Well it has. AND I HATE THE HEAT. D: anyway. Later that night my sister had her birthday sleepover, and me and my parents watched TRON as she did so. The movie was so-so. Monday I went to  the cinema to see fast and furious 5 for my dad's birthday which was on Sunday. The movie was brilliant! Car chases were amazing. Great film, but parts dragged on just a little bit. Last night I watched a movie called monsters. You heard it hear first, CRAPPEST MOVIE EVER. Five star ratings all over the front cover, "Thrilling, action packed etc." it was none of those things. The most boring movie I have ever had to sit through. NOTHING HAPPENS. NOTHING. Do not waste your money on that movie, or your time. I still can't really get over how crap it was. I think I'll probably watch some more movies today or something.
I know I really need to do stuff... but I'm still feeling high strung after term. Teachers said to relax before getting into work, and not to relax too much, but I haven't even really got that far yet. I still can't just sit around without feeling stressed. I need this break, but I also know I need it for study. You have no idea how badly I want summer to be here. 
Did I tell you I've got a job now? Well if I did, here's an update~ I'll be going in for training on the 14th (the saturday before my first exam on monday... >____> ) and then after my exams are over, I'll be able to work throughout June and hopefully some of July and August. The money bags are gonna start rolling in baby! LOL. Anyway, yeah, I've a feeling I'm gonna end up blowing it all, so I've decided to save everything I earn in June and then after that decide what I wanna save, see what I need to buy and then keep the rest in my pocket. Best thing for it. IT IS  SO WARM!! Anyway, I've got to run~ Things to do (lol) and places to be (lol x2) 
I'll post more often whilst I'm on break. Oh yeah and picture for this post? How about Sung Kang from fast and furious? He's quite good lookin' ;DD 
Take care guys! xo 
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13 April 2011 @ 08:21 pm
Hi hi! 
The sleepover was good~ But it felt so short! My friend recently got a job at an ice cream shop, so she brought back ice cream (the best ice cream in the world by the way, there is no denying that) and we had it with her homemade brownies that are also, the best in the world. I wonder if that makes the best dessert in the world? Anyway yeah we did that, and stayed up for a bit talking business and what not, we weren't terribly productive however, but I think that's just because we were tired. It was quite funny getting to sleep, one of the girls was getting quite scared of different random noises, so we moved around a lot before finally settling down. 

This morning we mostly talked about what we're going to make and we even went to my house to use the sewing machine and experiment with different things we want to make. So yeah, not terribly productive but quite fun, and relaxing too. 

Watched a few episodes of big bang theory today and read some mangas... now I must suffer the consequence of procrastination. I have to redraft 3 pieces of english coursework, sort out my exam portfolio plus other homework extras. (Kinda begs the question... why am I doing this? I think I'll forever be asking myself that.) Anyway, it's a short one today, but I felt like sitting back and just writing stuff. I'll maybe post some of the stuff we make tomorrow~ 
I'm going to the orthodontist tomorrow, I'm pretty scared. I hate the dentist/people related to poking teeth. I have a minor abscess in one of my back teeth and the situation surrounding it is quite complicated. I  may have to get that tooth removed, and as well as that possibly get one of my wisdom teeth extracted in the hope that it'll push forward and I'll have two perfect back teeth again. Either way, it involves painful tooth extraction. I should really stop eating sweets. 
Anyway, I better get started on this homework! 
btw. Picture for the day~ I only recently started to get comfortable with dogs, they've always intimidated me and scare me before, but my best friend's dog is just so much fun and playful and lovely I've kinda gotten over it. I'd love to have a dog~ especially one of these adorable cuties:
They're called teacup poodles (cause they fit into teacups!) now I'd normally go for a golden retriever or a collie but these little darlings are just too cute to miss! Except... they cost a total fortune. P: 
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 Hello! (: 
Strange entry title, I know this. But everytime I say anything along those lines, I just can't help but break into song, please don't tell me I'm the only weirdo who does that. ): 
Anyway, I didn't think I'd have time to post today, but it's currently 10pm and I'm waiting on my friend's mum to come pick me up and take me to her house for a sleepover. Turns out she had to work today, so that's why we're doing this all so late. 
I really can't be bothered to put on proper clothes only to get to her house and change into my PJs, so I'm just gonna go to hers in my PJs. xD Aww who cares, it's just trackie bottoms and a tee anyway. 

I managed to hand in my art portfolio today... YAAAAAAAAY!!! 
Words cannot express how happy and almost relieved that makes me. But I have to finish my exam portfolio tomorrow in order to hand it in on Thursday... yay. (Can you see the difference in those two yays? Can you? Can you?!) I've also got a pile of other homework to do tomorrow. Seriously, teacher's think just cause you get one day off school that means you've got a whole extra 24 working hours to get stuff done. YOU DON'T. Who's to say I'd get more done at home than in school in one day? That idea is total nonsense. That's why you make us go to school for six hours everyday, to make sure we actually bother our butts to do the work, otherwise some of us would never bother. Anyway! Yeah moderation and stuff is going on in school so there's loads to do. But easter will be here soon and all will be lovely and brilliant (apart from the fact it might as well be study leave) 
Easter signifies the date of an important event! I'm gonna get my ears pierced! Yep, I'm nearly sixteen and don't have my ears pierced, shocker. My younger sister actually has hers done. xD I've always put it off cause I said I didn't need to, and it would be sore, but something came in my life that changed my mind forever... 
Lightsaber earrings
CrimsonKing @ Etsy
That's right, those babies are the sole reason I changed my mind. (I am such a nerd) That and a pair of triforce studs which are just so lovely, and pretty, and lovely, and pretty -rinse and repeat- . We're not allowed earrings at school, full stop. Meaning summer was my only oppurtunity to get them pierced. I figure if I be a bit of a rebel and hide them during my exams, I'll be able to take out my original studs by summer and wear those lovely beasts!
I've ranted too long, I've gotta go now! See you tomorrow ~  
bye bye ! Kizzie
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11 April 2011 @ 07:39 pm
 Hello guys~
I'm so... so tired. x_______x 
Went to bed at like, 12.30 last night. That may not seem late to some of you, but that's like, the dead of night for me! I can barely survive with less than like 8 hours sleep, and recently the past few weeks I've been surviving on around 6 hours of sleep a night, not to mention I often have to skip lunch. All the stress is actually making me physically sick D: I'll get by somehow...I hope. 

Tomorrow is the deadline for one of my art portfolios. Lemme hear scream ,"SCREWED!" -____- 
It's definitely going to be a late night tonight. I got my exam piece printed today~ It's so lovely and shiny~ I would post it, but I promised I wouldn't since it's heavily based on the work of Mary Winkler a.k.a. Acrylicana (acrylicana.com) She's so lovely, and she's such an inspiration, you should go check her out *hint hint* 

Anyway, tomorrow I'm going to be sleeping over at my friends for a business meeting. Yeah, you heard me, we're gonna talk business BD
There's three of us in total, and we're gonna sell little crafty things, mostly consisting of crochet and sewing and whatever else I can chuck in there seeing since I'm mostly the inbetweener/business advisor. LOL Wanna see our logo? it's so pretty~ I made it. BD 

It feels so pretty every time I look at it! Anyway yeah, we're going to a craft fair in June and so we really need to sort ourselves out before then. Anyway, I don't have much else to say (nor do I really have the time) for today. Art awaits me ready to finally kill me once and for all. 
I'll let you know how it works out if I survive~ (:
xo Kizzie
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10 April 2011 @ 03:49 pm
Hello! (: 
I've just went through my entries, and deleted every.single.one. ): 
But fret not! This is simply a sign of new beginnings! I originally started this journal a few years ago to keep track of my own revision progress and summer fun, but things have changed since then and sadly this journal has gone on neglected. >___< 
I've always wanted to successfully keep a blog/journal, but it's never really worked out. So! I'm putting all my effort into one final shot to see if this will work!

So what am I going to rant and babble about~? Different things (let's keep this interesting xD ) !
I'll post about dramas/variety shows I watch, movies too maybe! Anything fun or interesting I find lying around the internet, daily going ons, progress on any personal projects such as art or when I get round to revamping my bedroom! I'll keep fingers crossed that I'll be able to make some wonderful friends through LJ, I'm still very inexperienced with it, so any help and guidance would be much appreciated! 

I haven't got much to say today, oh and this blog/journal probably won't be a daily thing either more like a spam-you-when-I-feel-like-it sort of arrangement I'd guess. xD I'm really busy and stressed out at the minute with school. I have HUUUGE exams coming up in the next month, and teachers are bunging me down with deadlines and revision, I feel like I don't have the time to breathe (and yet I'm doing this... >___> ) Fact number one about me? Humongous procrastinator. (: 
I hate the way my blogs (I think I'll stick with blog. lol ) have always been so...bland~ so I'll aim for at least one image for each post. They may be completely irrelevant to the topic, but who cares! Relevance is irrelevant. :D So because I've been watching big bang theory episodes this weekend (Sheldon Cooper = <3 ) how about this: 

That's a bunch of sexy lads for ya. ;DD

Anyway, I gotta go, homework/coursework to sort out, but let's get talking! To fresh starts! :D
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